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Say PEACE! Posters

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Formed as an instinctual reaction to the devastating photography emerging from the current crisis in Syria, the Say Peace! Campaign is a poster gallery offering a creative, meaningful way to contribute charitably by providing a platform to invest in both the people of Syria, as well as beautiful artwork for your walls.

An initiative of Erin Neale and Tara Pearce (of Erin & Tara), Say PEACE! posters draw together creative kindred spirits who are bound by a desire to assist. Countering imagery of destruction with imagery celebrating beauty and light, each poster is available in limited editions of 50.

All profits from the campaign are donated to UNICEF Australia’s “Syria Crisis appeal” to aid UNICEF to respond with life-saving assistance for children in places like Aleppo.

The Project Agency is honoured to be supporting this important cause by working on its publicity ensuring widespread awareness.

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